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Wibbitz About

Wibbitz About
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Video is the most powerful way to share information and connect with people

Wibbitz gives teams the freedom to quickly and easily create short form video using automated video creation technology. From small marketing teams to multinational media companies, Wibbitz makes it easy for any business to grow with video.


Empowering teams
with video

We live in a dynamic world where the way people communicate and share information is changing rapidly. Founded in 2011, Wibbitz is transforming the role that video plays in this change.

With patented technology and a keen eye for media trends, Wibbitz has paved the way for businesses to harness the power of video with its online video editor built for any team and industy leading video production API.

Our customers come from all industries and work with us to achieve a wide range of goals—because today, video is universal. We help the disruptive tech startup marketing team gain brand awareness, and the seasoned media conglomerate achieve efficiencies in their digital strategy.

Our solutions are designed to empower teams to make more meaningful connections with customers, engage audiences, drive revenue, and build an impactful brand. To evoke emotion, inspire action, and advance change. That’s what video can do.

Our power is in our people

Success is a journey, and we travel in good company. We seek those who seek adventure, which is how we continuously raise the bar for ourselves, each other, and our industry.

By building a team who truly care, we’re able to achieve change all while enjoying the ride.
We’re just a group of people, trying to empower people, to better connect with people.

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Leading brands trust
Wibbitz for video

Our leadership

Leadership at Wibbitz comes from all over. Here is the
team at the helm of the ship.

Zohar Dayan

Co-founder and CEO

Alexandra Shainskaya


Uri Meirav


Ido Nivron


Our leadership

How we thrive

We want to thrive, both at work and in our personal lives. There is a shared understanding of the common threads that help us be our best, and as we continue to invest in them, we continue to grow.

These are the values that drive our daily decisions, develop our relationships, and guide our strategy:

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Be sincere

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Stronger together

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Take intelligent risks

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Expect extraordinary

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Keep it simple

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Pause and play

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